Nicky Parker - From Transaction to Transformation 09 September 2011

A presentation was held on Friday 9th September 2011, at the State Library of Western Australia for WA Library staff and Council line managers. The speaker, Nicky Parker spoke about her journey to transform the public library service in the City of Manchester in the UK. Nicky is responsible for delivering the transformational program across the whole of the City Council ensuring better outcomes for residents and efficient service delivery, as well as responsibility for the new customer service organization.

In the attached video link Nicky Parker shares her experience with helping to transform the Manchester Public Libraries and positioning it to tackle the challenges facing libraries and councils in the future. Nicky covers how the City reinvented its library services including the rebuilding of over 20 new libraries. Partnering with businesses, health and social organisations, the Libraries are the conduit for cultural, social, technical, employment and educational services.

Watch the video at:

Nicky Parker is the Head of Transformation at Manchester City Council and President of the Society of Chief Librarians in England, Wales and Ireland. Previously she was the Head of Library and Information Services for Manchester City Council.

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