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Missing Persons

The police or courts sometimes kept records relating to missing persons. Most of these records provide the name of the person, the Police Gazette of Western Australia reference, and the result of the inquiry. Those stations of which records have been located are:


  • ACC 786: Cue Courthouse. Missing friends files 1895-1901, 1903-1908



  • ACC 1247/2: Greenbushes Police Station. Special inquiries and missing friends index 1929-1947


  • ACC 240/27: Guildford Police Station. Missing friends and special inquiries 1895-1907, 1920-1924


  • ACC 838/105: Kalgoorlie Police Station. Missing friends 1895-1898
    This gives full particulars of case including physical description, who query from and outcome. Indexed.


  • ACC 418/25: Kojonup Police Station. Alphabetical index to inquiries for missing friends 1923-1934


  • ACC 798/12: Ravensthorpe Police Station. Missing friends 1901-1909


  • ACC 1186/98: Sandstone Police Station. Missing friends1929-1940

Page last updated: Thursday 15 September 2011