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Child Migrants

Fairbridge Farm children on the Ormonde 1950 221206pd
Fairbridge Farm children on the Ormonde 1950

Fairbridge Society

All Fairbridge personal records are restricted until 1 September 2045. However, Old Fairbridgians will be granted access to their own personal file if they can prove identity eg driverís licence, passport, birth certificate etc, showing the same name as that on the file. If a change of name has occurred, proof of such change should be produced. Access to records may be granted when a proof of change of name cannot be produced if the Old Fairbridgian can provide other identifying information such as date of arrival to and departure from Fairbridge, names of cottages stayed in etc. If an Old Fairbridgian cannot prove identity; or if next of kin or other close relative of an Old Fairbridgian; or any other requests for access to Old Fairbridgian files, written permission to view must be obtained from:

Joan Buchanan
Old Fairbridgians' Association
41 Pelham Street
Armadale  WA  6112
Telephone: 08 9399 3388

Mike Barnett
Assistant Secretary
Old Fairbridgians' Association
172 Warnbro Beach Road
Waikiki  WA  6169
Telephone: 08 9527 4414

Philanthropic Society

Society for the Suppression of Juvenile Vagrancy (later Children's Friend Society)

Also see heading Child Evacuees & Migrants in Government Archival Records.

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Page last updated: Wednesday 24 April 2013