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Ebook Library (EBL)

EBL logoThe State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) provides access to ebooks contained in the Ebook Library (EBL), an online database of electronic books. EBL contains over 120,000 titles, covering a wide range of subjects.

EBL titles can be accessed via the State Library’s online catalogue or on our website.

ebooks can be viewed online in the Library or on your home computer via the EBL viewer. ebooks can also be downloaded to a mobile device using your home computer for future viewing. In both cases, access to the ebook will expire after 24 hours.

Understanding the key terms used in EBL:

Read online
Allows you to view the ebook online via the EBL viewer. The system is set up to allow you 5 minutes of browsing time before prompting you to request an electronic loan of the eBook.

To continue viewing an ebook after the first 5 minutes of browsing or to print and copy, you will be prompted to request a loan of the ebook. This means that you are activating full viewing for the 24 hour timeframe assigned to all eBook loans.

This function allows you to download the EBL title to a local viewer on your mobile device (for example mobile phone, ebook reader etc). When you select the Download button, you will have the option of selecting a 24 hour or 7 day loan. Downloading is not essential for viewing, printing or copying as this can be done from the EBL viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I find ebooks?
All EBL titles that the State Library makes available via EBL are in the SLWA catalogue. Do a title search for an individual book title and connect to the book via the Connect to link or do a keyword search for EBL in the catalogue and search for titles on the EBL platform.

When I find an ebook in the SLWA  catalogue, how do I access it? 
Access the EBL book by selecting the link following the message Connect to:
Whether you are in the State Library using one of the library computers or at home using your own computer or mobile device you will need to log in with your SLWA MylibraryCard card.

Do I need special software or hardware to read eBooks online?
Yes, if you are using your own computer, EBL provides access to ebooks in Adobe PDF format so in order to view EBL ebooks, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Can I download ebooks to my mobile device?
Yes. When requesting to download an ebook for viewing on your mobile device or own computer, you will also need to download a digital viewer, compatible with your device (for example Adobe Digital Editions) or Bluefire reader.
You don’t need to download the ebook to be able to view it or print/copy from it. You can view it via the EBL reader multiple times within the loan period either 24-hour or 7 day viewing limit per ebook title depending on what you selected.

Can I print from EBL?
Yes. Due to copyright, there are restrictions as to how much of the ebook you can print or copy. Printing from EBL is restricted to 20% of the total pages of the ebook, per user. Likewise, copying and pasting content is restricted to 5% of the total pages of the ebook, per user. The EBL system keeps track of copying/printing and displays a message to you if the limit is reached.

I have logged in but I see a message that says the book I want is not available.
Publishers from time to time remove books from the EBL collection.  At the end of each month we receive notification of books that have been removed during the month.  As we only update our EBL catalogue records at the beginning of each month there is sometimes a gap and you will see this message.  

Need more information?
State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis Street, Perth Cultural Centre, Perth, WA 6000.
Information Services: 08 9427 3111.

Any further help required Contact Us.

Page last updated: Wednesday 19 June 2013