Ebook Library (EBL)

EBL logoThe State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) provides access to ebooks contained in the Ebook Library (EBL), an online database of electronic books. EBL contains over 200,000 titles, covering a wide range of subjects.

EBL titles can be accessed via the State Library’s online catalogue or on our website

Learn about EBL and all its functions here.


A collection of over 200,000 non-fiction ebooks you can read online, or download and read offline on a mobile device.

Subjects include travel, cooking, sport and much more
WHO CAN USE EBL EBOOK LIBRARY Registered members of the State Library can access EBL. You will need your SLWA mylibrary card to log in even if you are in the Library.
HOW TO ACCESS EBL LIBRARYAccess via the SLWA online catalogue or on the SLWA website
NUMBER OF LOANS10 items per week
LOANSChoose either a 1 day or 7 day loan. Print and copy functionality will be enabled.

A personal Bookshelf will also be created
UNAVAILABLE STATUSPublishers from time to time remove books from the EBL collection.  At the end of each month we receive notification of books that have been removed during the month.  As we only update our EBL catalogue records at the beginning of each month there is sometimes a gap and you will see this message. 
READING ONLINERead an EBL book online for 5 minutes after which you will be asked to 'Continue reading'.

Select Yes (create a loan) or No (return to catalogue)

Accessing ebooks online via the EBL Online Reader is recommended. Additional software is required to download for offline reading – see below
DOWNLOADING FOR OFFLINE READINGClick on the Download tab in the side menu.

Choose format (if applicable) and click the Download button.

Download option is not available when using the public PCs in the State Library.
SOFTWARE REQUIRED FOR DOWNLOADING & PRINTINGAdobe Digital Editions (ADE) – for reading ebooks offline on your personal computer (available for free)

Bluefire Reader app – for reading ebooks offline on iOS and Android mobile devices (available for free )
BOOKSHELFDisplays details of your current loans and recently accessed titles

Create your own reading list using the My Collections button
NOTE TAKINGNotes can be created in the Online Reader by selecting the 'notes' tab in the side menu.

Once created notes are saved indefinitely.

Access your notes by clicking on the Bookmarks button in the Bookshelf view.

Notes can be downloaded and exported

You can copy and paste text from the ebook into your notes
NAVIGATINGTo view an ebook select the title and click on the Read Online button.

Use the left and right arrow keys << >>on the toolbar to move through the pages of the book.

Use the contents list to move to the selected section.

Click on the Search tab in the side menu to search for keywords in the ebook.
PRINTINGPrinting is restricted to 20% of each title’s content.

Click on the Details tab in the side menu to view print/copy balances for each title.

Click on the Print button on the toolbar. Click print current page or enter a print [page] range
COPYINGCopying is restricted to 5% of each title.

Click the copy button on the toolbar. Highlight the text you wish to copy. Use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste.
REFERENCING & CITINGEBL supports referencing in Endnote and Refworks.
HELPAsk a Librarian

Help is available in EBL from the Help/Feedback links
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Page last updated: Thursday 13 November 2014

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