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One of the key aims of the State Library is to ensure that Western Australia's diverse cultural heritage is collected and preserved. Through this role we support all Western Australians in accessing these resources to promote a shared understanding of our history and of the different perspectives of our diverse community groups.

A significant part of our history and our collections tells stories about the early colonisation and settlement of Western Australia and the devastating impacts of this on Aboriginal people. It is an area of our history that has traditionally been told from a European perspective but is increasingly acknowledging Aboriginal voices and perspectives. The State Library is committed to building on the perspectives and interests of Aboriginal Western Australians and reflecting ongoing interests, concerns, achievements and perspectives in our collections.

The Storylines Project

The State Library is working on a pilot project using the Ara Irititja software platform. We are building and testing a state-wide database to provide easy access to our heritage collections for Aboriginal people around Western Australia.

More information about the Storylines Pilot can be found here.

Programs & Services

The State Library offers specialised tours, workshops, educational programs and events in all of our specialist collection areas, including our Indigenous collections. See our What's On pages for an up to date list of tours and events available or contact us to arrange a consultation by email or by phone (08) 9427 3237.

Working Towards Reconciliation: Plans and Protocols

Reconciliation Action Plan

The State Library is very pleased to announce our Reconciliation Action Plan 2010-2011.

A Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a tool launched by Reconciliation Australia to help organisations build positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. RAPs turn “good intentions into action” and are a public contribution towards the national efforts to close the 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. If you would like to know more about RAPs, please visit Reconciliation Australia’s website.

Click here for more information on the State Library's regulations, policies and plans.


Our library is guided by the Position Statement on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services and Collections developed by the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA).

We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of Australia. 

Our policies for the management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander library services and collections are guided by national and international protocols. These protocols ensure that collections and services are accessible, appropriate and responsive to the needs and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

These protocols and policy frameworks include:

We welcome your feedback and advice in regards to our Indigenous collections, services and programs to or phone (08) 9427 3237 in the first instance.

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Page last updated: Friday 20 June 2014

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