Volunteering at the State Library 

Volunteering at the State Library offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to discover our resources and collections, to interact with our clients and be involved in the many events held at the State Library.

As a volunteer, you could be involved in sorting and indexing collection materials, ushering at concerts, assisting at book launches, helping with school holiday activities or carrying out minor documents repairs with our Conservation team. 

Volunteering will provide you with an opportunity to learn about and contribute to the State Library and community as a whole.

If you would like to discuss volunteering at the State Library please contact Mary Doyle on (08) 9427 3327 or email volunteers@slwa.wa.gov.au.

Spotlight on Volunteers

Several times a year we spotlight the great work that one or a group of volunteers do for the State Library

Virtual Volunteers

In the early 1970s Rica Erickson and a group of volunteers sought biographical information on people who lived in WA prior to 1914. The massive amount of information collected was handwritten onto 70,000 individual cards and sorted alphabetically by surname.

To make these cards more accessible the Carnamah Historical Society formed an agreement with the State Library late in 2013 to host the virtual transcription of the WA Biographical Index (WABI) cards at www.virtualvolunteering.com.au. This meant that the handwritten content of the cards could be viewed inline and their content typed (transcribed) into another field on the webpage.

We are very pleased to announce that now all 70,000 cards have been transcribed. This was done with the invaluable assistance of an unknown number of virtual volunteers who were recruited via social media, websites, email and newspaper.

There was also a group of volunteers who regularly came into the Library to transcribe, some of who are pictured below. (L-R Ron Knox, Eric Brand, Greg Starke, Dolores Hoole and Jen Kieran. Other significant contributors not pictured have been Leo Penazzi, Sian Dewar, Charles Wei and Stella Walawski.)

August 2015 Volunteers 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for this project, whether it was transcribing one card or thousands. This has been a big step in making the history of early WA residents more accessible.

Current Positions 

Please note that the State Library screens its volunteers and some positions may require a Police Clearance or Working With Children Card.

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Page last updated: Friday 14 August 2015

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