Primary Teachers

Discover a world of stories, history and information to assist teaching programs.  The State Library provides teachers with a wide range of resources.

The staff in the Education Centre at the Library facilitate a diverse program of activities suitable for Foundation through to Year 12 classes. Students can explore and discover the collections, investigate Western Australian history and be creative with technology and storytelling.

The workshops offered support the Australian and Western Australian curricula. Each workshop runs for approximately one hour. Excursions to the State Library must be booked at least two weeks in advance and are free to all participants. 

For more information, download the 2017 Learning at the Library brochure (PDF, 3.79 MB).

Workshops for Kindergarten to Year 2

Find it @ the Library

What can be found at the State Library? What treasures does it hold?  Become a detective and embark on a journey of discovery around the State Library.  

Explore the collection of newspapers, photographs, maps, ephemeral items and much more!  Unlock the secrets from the past and seek out hidden clues around the library using a treasure map.

Australian Curriculum:  HASS

Fun with Fairy Tales  

A box of fairy tale props, a digital camera and a wealth of imagination is all that is needed to have Fun with Fairy Tales.  Explore narrative conventions to retell and recreate classic stories using current technologies. 

Australian Curriculum:  English and Technologies 

Then and Now 

What was life like in the past?  Discover the State Library's pictorial collection.  Find out why the State Library collects photographs and what stories photographs tell about the past.  Use the images from the collection to create a timeline of Perth in the form of a vintage-style postcard souvenir to take home.  This is a fun, hands-on activity comparing how life in WA has changed, and stayed the same, over time.

Australian Curriculum: HASS

Workshops for Year 3 to Year 6

Books and More: Perth Experiences 

What to do on a day out in Perth? Did children in the past enjoy the same experiences as those enjoyed now?  What has changed over time?  Delve into a history box to explore a taste of the resources the State Library collects and what stories these can tell about the past.

Australian Curriculum: HASS

Digging Up the Past: Early Colonial

What are the facts behind the fiction? How do authors research their narratives? Digging up the Past helps to develop research skills. Do some "digital digging" to uncover historical facts from photographs, biographies and newspapers that have influenced Western Australian colonial fiction.  

Australian Curriculum:  HASS and English

Digging Up the Past: World War 1

What are the facts behind the fiction? How do authors research their narratives? Digging up the Past helps to develop research skills.  Do some 'digital digging' to uncover historical facts in photographs, biographies and newspapers that have influenced Western Australian fiction based on World War 1 events. Workshop activities are available here (PDF 2.43MB)

Australian Curriculum: HASS and English

Sourcing the Swan River Colony

How can the information from a tombstone unlock the history of our State?
This interesting and informative workshop was developed in partnership with the National Trust of Western Australia. It begins at the East Perth Cemetery, where you explore the grave sites of our Swan River colonists.  Move later to the State Library to develop your research skills and delve deeper into these colonists' lives.  By sourcing and exploring key primary sources from our collection, you will develop a deeper understanding of early colonial life in Western Australia and the people who impacted on it.

Australian Curriculum: History  

Note:  There may be an admission cost for your tour of East Perth Cemetery.

Suitcases: Stories of Migration 

Discover some of the reasons people have migrated to Western Australia.  Open a suitcase and use the items inside to piece together the migration story of one person or a particular group.  Consider what challenges those migrants would have faced upon arrival, and how they went on to contribute to Western Australian life and culture.

An exhibition of original illustrations from Teacup by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley  complements this program. The exhibition is supported with a self-guided trail and educators' guide (PDF 737KB).

Australian Curriculum: History

Last updated on: 27 Apr 2017