Missing Lives

Missing Lives
An exhibition of photographs by photojournalist Nick Danziger

Presented by the Australian Red Cross

When: 20 May - 25 June 2015
Where: The Nook
FREE, open during library hours

The tragedy of war and separation are powerful realities revealed in a photographic exhibition by award winning British photojournalist, Nick Danziger.

Taken in the aftermath of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Missing Lives documents the plight of fifteen, of the thousands of families still waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones, classified as missing.

Almost 20 years after the wars in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, and 13 years after the end of conflict in Kosovo, thousands remain unaccounted for.

Based on a book of the same name, this exhibition highlights the tragic consequences of what happens when the rules of war are not followed, but also illustrates the strength and resilience of survivors still searching for their missing friends and relatives.

Missing Lives Lunchtime Talks

When: Wednesday 27 May 12.30pm, Wednesday 17 June 12.30pm, 30 mins 
Where: The Nook  
Free, no bookings required

What happens when people go missing during war? Claire Lawson from the Australian Red Cross reveals the impact left on those waiting for answers, and why after the cessation of hostilities in the former Yugoslavia so many are still unaccounted for.

Photograph: Reproduced with permission.Copyright Nick Danziger.No unauthorised use or copying without permission.

A Backwards Glance: Western Australian New Music 1970-2015

When: Tuesday 19 May - Tuesday 2 June 2015
Where: Theatre Foyer, Ground Floor and surrounds
FREE, open during library hours

New music is an experimental approach to performance and composition that expands the possibilities of musical structure.

This exhibition provides an insight into the history of new music in Western Australia, featuring visual new music scores, event posters and a collection of ruined pianos. Also featured are two iPads that will enable visitors to access material from the Western Australian New Music Archive, including audio, video, images and profiles of key people, ensembles and organisations in the Western Australian new music scene.

This exhibition is being held as part of the 12th Totally Huge New Music Festival, which will see the archive launched, and will also include a symposium on West Australian art music. In addition, several new music performances take place on the Perth Cultural Centre Wetlands Stage as part of the State of Art festival, on Saturday May 30.

Bounce Down celebrating 100 years of womens football

Bounce Down! Women's Australian Rules Football Centenary

When: 22 May - 31 July 2015
Where: Ground Floor Gallery 
FREE, open during library hours 

Bounce Down explores the 100 year history of women’s Australian Rules football in Western Australia and beyond. Beginning in Perth in 1915 the women’s game started as a war time fundraiser. By 1955 women’s games had been played in more than 100 locations around the country. Today player numbers are among 190,000. 

See the social and cultural history of the past century brought to life through the eyes of the players and the lenses of the media. Pioneer teams played in silk dresses and hats, with the transition to more suitable playing gear mirroring societal changes that allowed women more freedom generally.

Presented by the Western Australian Women’s Football League (WAWFL) this exhibition features never before seen crowd sourced memorabilia, and newly acquired heritage items from the State Library of Western Australia collections. Photographs, video footage, and a replica of the first women’s football uniform, reveal this little known part of the social, cultural, and sporting history of the nation.

Bounce Down! Tours
Monday 1 June 11am, 2.30pm 30mins 

Experts will take you on a tour of Bounce Down revealing insights into this little known aspect of Western Australia's social, cultural and sporting history. 

Photo: Foy and Gibson's women's football team, 1917, 004998D, State Library of Western Australia pictorial collection.

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