Sailing on the Swan

Sailing on the Swan

Presented by the Royal Perth Yacht Club
When: 14 February - 3 May 2015
Where: Ground Floor Gallery

Western Australia has a history of sails on the Swan. Discover the heritage of the oldest yacht club in WA in an exhibition which celebrates 150 years of sailing.

Explore defining moments in Australian yachting history including the Australia II America's Cup victory, and Jon Sanders' epic solo circumnavigation of the world. The exhibition features unique letters, documents, photographs, and memorabilia from the collections of the Royal Perth Yacht Club and the State Library of Western Australia.

harold and grace - Sean E Avery

Sean E Avery, Harold and Grace

When: 12 March - 19 April 2015
Where: The Place Gallery, Mezzanine floor 
FREE, family friendly exhibition 

The storm rushed, and howled, and splashed, and blew at the tiny tree, the little pond and the lonely leaf. When it finally stopped, the lonely leaf was safe...

Harold and Grace is the delightfully illustrated story of two unlikely friends and the metamorphosis of their relationship. After a terrible storm, only one slimy egg and one silky egg survive. One day, Harold remembers to visit his old friend at the lonely leaf, and finds she is gone - only a small silky sack remains. Wherever could Grace be?

Discover Sean E Avery's artistic and writing process in an exhibition of preliminary drawings, sketches and original illustrative pages from the book. Spend some time exploring the themes of friendship, sustainability, and ecology as you read the story together.

Coming soon

Missing Lives

An exhibition of photographs by photojournalist Nick Danziger

Presented by the International Committee of the Red Cross

When:20 May - 30 June 2015
Where: The Nook
FREE, open during library hours

The tragedy of war and separation are powerful realities revealed in a photographic exhibition by award winning British photojournalist, Nick Danziger.

Taken in the aftermath of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Missing Lives documents the plight of fifteen, of the thousands of families still waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones, classified as missing.

Under international humanitarian law, authorities on all sides of a conflict have a legal duty to take every step to determine the fate of those who are missing and to pass this information on to their families. Almost 20 years after the wars in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia, and 13 years after the end of conflict in Kosovo, thousands remain unaccounted for.

Based on a book of the same name, this exhibition highlights the tragic consequences of what happens when the rules of war are not followed, but also illustrates the strength and resilience of survivors still searching for their missing friends and relatives.

Photograph: Reproduced with permission.Copyright Nick Danziger.No unauthorised use or copying without permission.

Bounce Down celebrating 100 years of womens football

Bounce Down: Women's Australian Rules Football Centenary

When: 22 May - 31 July 2015
Where: Ground Floor Gallery 
FREE, open during library hours 

Bounce Down explores the 100 year history of women’s Australian Rules football in Western Australia and beyond. Beginning in Perth in 1915 the women’s game started as a war time fundraiser. By 1955 women’s games had been played in more than 100 locations around the country. Today player numbers are among 170,000. 

See the social and cultural history of the past century brought to life through the eyes of the players and the lenses of the media. Pioneer teams played in silk dresses and hats, with the transition to more suitable playing gear mirroring societal changes that allowed women more freedom generally.

Presented by the Western Australian Women’s Football League (WAWFL) this exhibition features never before seen crowd sourced memorabilia, and newly acquired heritage items from the State Library of Western Australia collections. Photographs, video footage, and a replica of the first women’s football uniform, reveal this little known part of the social, cultural, and sporting history of the nation.

Photo: Foy and Gibson's women's football team, 1917, 004998D, State Library of Western Australia pictorial collection.

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