Media Enquiries & Public Consultation

Enquiries from the Media 

Journalists can contact the Communications & Marketing Manager at the State Library on or phone 9427 3153 (0403 948 319 after hours).

If photos and images are required from the Collection, please complete the Order Form. Orders will be referred to the Marketing & Communications Manager to enable requests from Media to be dealt with as a priority and to confirm the waiving of fees. Reasonable requests for several images may be supplied to Media for publication free of charge however standard fees will apply if requests are excessive or substantial in nature. All images must be attributed to the State Library of WA. Please allow 2 business days for hi resolution images and copyright approval to be supplied.

News and media statements issued by the State Library can be found at News from the State Library.

Ministerial Media Releases and Enquiries

If you have a question for the Minister for Culture and the Arts please contact the Minister's Office on +61 8 9213 6600.

Visit the Minister for Culture and the Arts' website for Ministerial media statements. This includes a historic record of all archived Ministerial media releases.

Filming in the State Library

Permission for free-to-air broadcast media to film in the Public Access areas of the State Library maybe granted subject to detailed information being received by the Communications & Marketing Manager at or phone 9427 3153. This can include filming of exhibitions and displays, collection materials and interviews.

Please provide the following information when making an enquiry:

  • Proposed date(s) and time for filming. Hours of filming are to be within the normal opening hours of the State Library.
  • Names and role of all crew members attending,
  • Equipment that will be used
  • Preferred filming location within the Library.
  • Collection Materials, if required, to be listed.
  • Name of the media outlet represented.
  • Name of the Program for which filming is being done
  • Acknowledgment that the State Library of WA will receive attribution in the titles of the program.

Subject to the extent of collection materials required, permissions can be granted with one week's notice.

Please note that any special requests for access to the Library for filming or setup outside of its opening hours may incur costs to cover security, lighting and airconditioning and approval will be subject to availability of resources to administrate.

The Library does not permit use of the Public Access areas for the private filming/photography for commercial or student activities.

Student enquiries

If you are from an educational institution and have a request for information, it may be available by accessing the State Library's annual report or catalogue available via the website.

If the information you require is not available on this website please email with your enquiry. The Library will respond as quickly as possible, however please allow five working days for a response to requests for information.

Documents for public consultation and display

Documents sent to the library for public consultation and display may be viewed in the Battye Library on the third floor. If you require further information about these documents please contact the appropriate agency.

If sending documents to the Library for public consultation and display please send them in addition to the copies required under Legal Deposit.

Last updated on: 10 December 2019