Collecting Priorities

As well as documenting the history of the Western Australia, we also want to capture contemporary life: issues and events in cities and regional communities, changing workplaces, fads and fashions, and conflicts.

If you have material that may be of interest to the Library, on any subject as well as our current collecting priorities, contact us at or complete the collection offers form to tell us more.  Include as much information as you can about the type, amount, location and arrangement of the material you would like to offer.  We will contact you to discuss your offer and explain the next steps.

The Library is currently interested in acquiring personal collections and the records of organisations and interest groups that document these specific areas.  

Indigenous collecting: Material created by Indigenous people, who have contributed, and continue to contribute to the life of WA and its communities, including photos and personal papers.
The Library is committed to following the below Protocols and Principles.

LGBTQI+: Documents recording experiences of individuals, businesses, clubs, and organisations from the LGBTQI+ community, relating to their personal lives and community activities.

COVID-19: Covid-19 related material, including photographs, diaries, unwanted flyers, posters, signs, mail-outs, any material which reflects the community response and changes to services during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can view some of the COVID-19 photographic donations we have received.

Mining and Energy: Material from organisations and individuals that demonstrate how WA has exploited its diverse mineral and energy resources and shaped our state’s economy, society and environment. 

Last updated on: 1 July 2021