Inter(nation)generational by Zenatallia Ibrahim

Tell me how to solve this
Flesh ripped and bones broken
I crawled through my own throat
Out of centuries of sadness
Loneliness handed down, from sandstorms
To airport queues ​
Gido, please stroke my hair and cradle my head​
Lamoon bil nai nai , dusty streets and rock solid mattresses aren’t enough anymore
Reconnection isn’t simple - my soul vibrating on different frequencies
My body is not even aware of
So I’ll light incense and boghur my house
Purify the space the soul dwells in
But it’s not here with me
Fossilised flesh and bone
These four walls aren’t home

Writer: Zenatalla Ibrahim is near completion of her dental degree at the University of Western Australia. She’s particularly passionate about accessible dentistry, rural healthcare and providing services to those in need.

Zenatalla is deeply entrenched in many areas, including her social justice and advocacy work, and is heavily involved with the student guild at her university, in particular their Access Department which assists and represents students with chronic physical and mental illnesses and/or disabilities.

Zenatalla is well known for using her voice to speak on intersectional feminist issues, featuring in TEDxPerth 2018, discussing the empowerment of the modern Muslim woman. When she isn’t studying or fixing teeth, she’s creating - an avid visual artist and poet drawing strength from raw vulnerability and connection. A regular attendee and feature poet for spoken word perth, her poetry often explores social inequity, political issues, mental health and identity. Nuances and imagery are all well and good but when it comes to powerful truths, that’s all from the chest.

Last updated on: 26 November 2019