A New War by Jennifer Jane Curtis

War is upon us
And we didn’t see it coming
Dressed differently it has no camouflage no dog tags
No uniformed personnel
No bomb blasts no fighter planes
It has no young men…boys lining trenches
Blood-soaked and limbless
Or scattered through a field
Torn up in pieces
Their military combat suits shredded and bloodied
Their caps and medals
Beside them in long grasses

Like the wars of our forefathers
This one came from nowhere
Crept out from daylight to strike us down
Bringing cries
Not from gunshot
But from airlessness…
This one is a weapon of destruction upon all nations
The world as we know it
The globe
And it’s dressed in freedom

In radiant smiles tanned limbs t-shirts and thongs
In summer dresses heels and dinner suits
In robes veils and disciplined care
In work and play
It masquerades in foot-steps of virtue
In hands that lay comfort to a loved one’s cheek
In smiles and inked messages
On barista filled cups
In a hug from your best friend
Or a piece of art handed to you from a child
In a secret whispered to a ready ear it lays in wait
In a grocery trip of fruit laden basket
Or in a shared picnic on autumn days
It readies for attack

It detonates from a neighbours sneeze
With ‘bless you’ given in kindness  
Or from the stolen kiss of your new lover…
It attacks in silence crippling nations
Robs us of our liberty—isolates—suffocates
This war sets a fire to our throat
Floods our lungs
Burns then drowns us
This war wears a ruby Crown of glory
An imposter…
Dressed in appearance
To eclipse us all
…Don’t let it!

Last updated on: 14 May 2020