Our Services

the battye library
Computer resources available at the State Library.
Education programs for primary, secondary & tertiary students.
The Story Place for families and the Children’s Literature collection.
List of annual fees and charges, from 1 July each year.
The Cafe is located on the ground floor of the State Library.
A new model will offer services to all WA State Government officers.
Hire rooms for seminars, conferences, presentations, training, interviews.
A Justice of the Peace is available at the State Library.
Provides services and resources to support the ongoing development of literacy for all Western Australians.
Resources and workshops for learners of all ages.
Borrowing, Inter-library Loans and Document Supply.
Membership is available free of charge to all residents of WA.
Information on Public Libraries in WA, National & State Libraries and Trove.
Our online store features a range of products with designs from the State Library's collection.
Order copies of items for personal use, research, display and publication.
Resources available for researchers using the State Library collection.
Co-working studio for creative thinkers.
The Discovery Store promotes excellence in Western Australian literature and publishing.
WA Museum’s Discovery Zone is a fun space especially for the young and curious.
Last updated on: 19 November 2019