Library Services

There are a number of public policies and guidelines that determine how the State Library interacts with people using its services.

Client Service Charter (PDF 276KB)

Complaint Handling Policy (PDF 218KB)

Copyright and Access Policy

Freedom of Information Statement - January 2019

Food and Drink Usage in the State Library Guidelines (PDF 73KB)

Guidelines for Bags and Other Items in the State Library (PDF 156KB)

Guidelines for Children in the State Library (PDF 24KB)

Guidelines for Public Internet Access Policy (PDF 28KB)

Guidelines for Use of the Special Access Computers in the State Library (PDF 130KB)

Lending Policy (PDF 20KB)

Library Materials Debt Collection (PDF 77KB)

Library Use Policy (PDF 115KB)

Membership Policy (PDF 118KB)

Original Material Collection

Privacy Policy (PDF 79KB)

Terms and Conditions of Membership (PDF 394KB)

Venue Hire Policy (PDF 69KB)

Volunteers Policy (PDF 81KB)

Collecting Policies

There are also a number of policies that guide how the State Library collects heritage and public library collections:

Developing our Collections – a Collection Development Policy Framework (PDF 600KB)

Electronic Publications for the Pandora Archive Collection Development Policy (PDF 124KB)


The State Library has a number of plans that guide what services are offered to the public:

Development of a Literacy Framework for the State Library of Western Australia (PDF 1.1MB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2023

Strategic Plan 2018-22 (PDF 1.6MB) 

Last updated on: 6 December 2019